Weekly Wrap 392: Winds light to variable as summer begins

Approaching Sydney Central station Little appeared publicly from me this week, Monday 27 November to Sunday 3 December 2017. I was busy with DirectorTech, and I was planning for the weeks ahead.

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Media Appearances

  • On Wednesday, I was interviewed by ABC Melbourne in an attempt to explain the Cloud.

The Week Ahead

On Monday, I’m wrapping up this phase of work for DirectorTech, at least ideally. There’s a chance it might overflow into Tuesday. Either way, Tuesday will also contain the running of errands in Leura and Katoomba. And on Tuesday or Wednesday I’ll write something for ZDNet.

Thursday will be a long one. It’s a Sydney day, including a briefing from Symantec at lunchtime, the now-traditional Annual Communications Industry Boat Cruise on Sydney Harbour in the afternoon, and drinks and dinner with friends in the evening.

Friday and the weekend are as yet unplanned, but I know there’s a lot to fit in.

Further Ahead

The key items are the two podcasts.

Assuming that the Public House Forum podcast is well-received, I’m thinking of lining up more such episodes early in the new year. There’s support for the idea of doing one in Ballarat, with possibility of doing one in Melbourne en route. I’ll ponder that further in due course.

Other than that, I’ll be writing for ZDNet and generally winding down before the Christmas break. 2017 has been an exhausting year.

[Photo: Approaching Sydney Central station from the south on 29 November 2017.]

Weekly Wrap 335: Being a busy media whore in Melbourne

Melbourne is doomed: click to embiggenMy week of Monday 24 to Sunday 30 October 2016 was spent in Melbourne, being busy, and being a bit of a media whore.

Since this Weekly Wrap is late, just like last week’s, I’ll get straight into it.



None, but I recorded material for another Ruxcon-related episode of Corrupted Nerds, and The 9pm Edict Public House Forum 4. Both will appear during the week of 7 November.

Media Appearances

Corporate Largesse


[Photo: Melbourne is doomed, photographed on 30 October 2016. A cold front was approaching Melbourne, accompanied by a severe weather warning about strong winds. This is what it looked like from St Kilda Beach.]

Weekly Wrap 204: Libertarian troll beach abortion, yeah?

Fisherman at North Cronulla Beach: click to embiggenMy week of Monday 28 April to Sunday 4 May 2014 was yet another solid performer — which, to be honest, surprises me. But here we are. Praise be.

The entire week was spent at Wentworth Falls, apart from a day trip to Sydney — but despite the rapidly dropping temperatures as winter starts to bite, and despite Mistress Insomnia’s continuing persistent calls for attention, my mood holds up.



The big chunky piece of joy for me this week was resurrecting The 9pm Edict. The first episode, “The 9pm Shire” should have been appearing tonight — and the photo at the head of this post was taken during the recording expedition — but for reasons already explained that’s been postponed until this coming Tuesday 6 May or thereabouts.

Media Appearances

  • On Tuesday I was interviewed by The Wire, the daily current affairs program of Australia’s community radio stations, about internet security — but that’s being held over to the coming week.


Four out of five this week. But why don’t you subscribe to 5at5, and then I don’t need to keep telling you about it.

Corporate Largesse

  • On Thursday I had coffee with someone from LivePerson, a company that provides technology for online customer service. Their PR company paid for the coffee.
  • Also on Thursday I went to Good Technology’s Sydney Mobile Summit, all about the state of the art of mobile security — or at least as framed by their products and PR messaging. It was held at the Sheraton on the park, and lunch and afternoon tea was provided.

The Week Ahead

Next week is already completely packed out, and it also sees me heading to the United States yet again.

On Monday I’ll be heading to Sydney to complete my recordings at Cronulla and deal with a few errands.

I’ll be staying in Sydney overnight, because on Tuesday I’m going to a breakfast briefing that starts at 0730 — this is how businesses treat their staff, apparently — as well as doing a couple of interviews. I’ll head back to the Blue Mountains on Tuesday night.

On Wednesday, it’s a day trip to Sydney for a lunchtime briefing by AVG Technologies on some research they’ve done into the security of the Internet of Things (IoT). “There isn’t any,” I assume to be the answer, but with additional wine.

Thursday is a writing day. Then on Friday it’s back to Sydney again for a bunch of errands and then the Optus IT Journalism Awards, in which I am a finalist. Then I stay in Sydney overnight before flying to San Francisco on Saturday.

On Sunday I’m visiting some wineries in the Sonoma region, thanks to NetSuite, who are also paying for that US trip. But I’ll write more about that in due course.

[Photo: Fisherman at North Cronulla Beach, photographed shortly before sunset on Saturday 3 May 2014.]