The 9pm Edict

The 9pm Edict is a podcast looking at the news, presented from my own idiosyncratic perspective.

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To get you used to the idea, here’s episode 1 and here’s episode 2. And here’s episode 3.

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And here is episode 5.

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Do you get the idea?

Good. Because I won’t be adding the rest of them to this page from now on, it’s too tedious.

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What’s it all about?

Most news outlets give me the shits. I don’t care about some golfer’s sex life or Tony Abbott’s penis. I don’t need to be told some event is “shocking”. I’ll experience my own genuine emotional reaction once I learn the facts. Or not.

I don’t want news explained in childish terms like Snowmageddon, even if President Barack Obama invented the word.

I don’t give a flying fuck about sport.

And I certainly don’t want to live in the paranoid land of the Hallucinating Goldfish. As Crikey‘s Bernard Keane put it, our political journalism is mired in a sort of “perpetual present” in which what happened two days ago, let alone two years ago, is forgotten.

As I see and read and hear more news through the course of the day, and as the second or third glass of wine is drunk, my Twitter stream fills with complaints and anger and snark.

By the end of the day I’m stabby.

I’d like to share that stabbiness.

Series 1 of The 9pm Edict started Monday 22 February 2010 and will run for 20 episodes. New episodes will be posted depending on my schedule — though the target was originally two episodes a week — around 9pm Sydney time.

You can post comments and questions on the posts for individual programs. Or leave an audio comment via Skype to stilgherrian or phone Sydney +61 2 8011 3733.

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