Evolution disproved by peanut butter

Reason, apart from being one of the 3 Virian Virtues, is supposedly a God-given gift which separates us from the dumb animals. So why do people like Chuck Missler here, working “in God’s name”, abandon Reason so comprehensively when spouting shit like this in support of “Intelligent Design”?

Their mistake, of course, is to use the fallacious argument of personal ignorance: “I’m too stupid to figure out how evolution by natural selection might work, therefore it can’t be true.”

If the Nazis ever return to power, I vote for these people being first into the cattle trucks.

Oz soldiers design own recruitment ads

Nice touch: The latest round of Australian Army recruitment posters were designed by the grunts themselves. This one isn’t the winner, but it’s my personal fave.

Runner-up Army recruiting poster

Author John Birmingham provided the pointer, and amongst the various daft comments from his feral fan base there’s a gem, explaining how the ads reveal the current self-image of the typical Australian soldier.

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Zebras with crossbows

Last night I experienced Dylan Moran‘s solo stand-up show at the State Theatre. 90 minutes of superb observations from a bitter Irishman, highly recommended. This morning there’s still one of his images running through my head: “Zebras with crossbows fellating each other.” And I’m buggered if I can remember the context!

Thoughts on “Earth Hour”

I haven’t seen the “official” writings about last night’s Earth Hour yet. I thought I’d record my personal reactions before absorbing the Sydney Morning Herald party line.

Photo of Pong on William Street during Earth Hour

’Pong was booked for a photo shoot on William Street for stock agency Gekko Images. Apparently it’s the first time ever that the illuminated Coca-Cola sign in Kings Cross is being turned off. “Magnanimous gesture for humanity,” I think the headline should read. ‘World’s largest caffeine pusher ceases visually polluting one tiny bit of the planet for 3600 seconds.” Their share price plummets as we speak. The moment must be recorded for posterity.

So at sunset I find myself on a train, city-bound…

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