Three Thursday Thoughts

  1. Working from 0630 to 0200 is insane. Starting work again at 0730 is worse. But sometimes good clients deserve attention in a crisis.
  2. Other clients will always be annoying. They’re disorganised, want everything at the last minute, quibble about the cost and then take longer to pay than anyone else.
  3. Wynns Coonawarra Estate Shiraz 2005 is a very fine thing for dealing with 1 and 2 above. And they have one of the most elegant wine labels in the country.

Thank the gods, it’s a long weekend.

Roll on Easter!

Exhausted. Long day. Dying server repaired. Annoying client’s website almost finished. Still wide awake. I’m afraid that blue LEDs are dangerous. Billy Law (who I wrote about the other day) did a cool photo of ’Pong. He’s good. A friend’s blog posting about Acid-Base Karaoke disappoints: not a great night out, just some thing for teaching chemistry to kids. At least my video of The KLF arrived from England. I have got to start work on my song idea. And I haven’t even written anything about David Hicks’ sentence or the NSW Election. At least Hugh MacLeod is more bitter than I am.