The Westpac Experience, Part 1

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I’m changing banks. It turns out St George Bank’s Business Banking Online service only works with Internet Explorer on Windows, which isn’t much use for a Mac-based business. So I’m moving to Westpac — chosen on the basis that since all banks are bastards, I might as well pick the one which is supposedly responsible and sustainable.

But even Westpac seems strangely last-century…

When my office manager phoned to make an appointment with the local bank manager, she was told the “business banking representative” is only at the Newtown branch on Wednesdays. How quaint. Our business operates all week, and sometimes on the weekends.

Then when we asked what information we’d need to bring to get things moving, we were told that someone would phone us back to tell us. I’d have thought that for such a routine operation as opening a new business account, they’d have a standard list they could email us.

Oh well, I’m meeting the “business banking representative” tomorrow. I’ll report on how it goes.

4 Replies to “The Westpac Experience, Part 1”

  1. Speaking of strangely last century, only part of this post showed up in my gReader up to the “last-century…”

    I clicked through and read only because it was clear that something was missing. What else have I missed reading through not clicking through, I wonder…

  2. @Zhasper: AFAIK, this is a “feature” of WordPress. There’s a special tag <!–more–> which marks where the story breaks into the “intro” and the “read the rest of this story”. Someone has decided that even if the RSS feed is set to include the full story, it still only includes up to that tag. I suppose I should look into this…

  3. “…is only at the Newtown branch on Wednesdays. How quaint.”

    Quaint is hardly the word for it…do they travel around on a horse and cart or sumfin?

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