Talking Google and names on ABC 105.7 Darwin

On Tuesday I did another radio interview about Google’s stupid names policy, as outlined in my expletive-filled blog post and an op-ed for ABC The Drum.

This time the conversation was with ABC 105.7 Darwin presenter Annie Gastin, in the context of the full range of unusual names. Quite fun.

The audio is of course ©2011 Australian Broadcasting Corporation, but since they don’t usually post it online here it is.

One Reply to “Talking Google and names on ABC 105.7 Darwin”

  1. I just cancelled my Google+ account (Nov 27, 2011) because of their stupid real name policy. I guess they wanted to make it easier for Government and non-Government stalkers to track us :-). So, anyone who has a nom de plume or in my case, a nom de cyber, will not be able to use Google+. And no, I’m not going to send Google a “mother may I” letter. Well, I got news for Google, I don’t need your second failed attempt (Buzz was #1) at a social network, and I am in the process of cancelling my personal Gmail account. I’m thinking Yahoo or Yandex…yeah.

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