Links for 22 December 2008 through 27 December 2008

Stilgherrian’s links for 22 December 2008 through 27 December 2008, gathered despite great personal risk:

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  1. I am keen to see what you write about the peer-to-peer filtering. I am quite sure some companies in the US throttle torrent traffic. I do not know enough about the topic to make an absolute comment, but surely Conroy could legislate the full-filter equivalent, i.e., “throttle to 0 kb/s”.

    It would seem a heavy thing to do, but can you really rule it out, considering how autocratically the Rudd Government has treated the issue so far?

    Also, I’ll point out this is the logical conclusion of events when the main arguments against filtering is “it won’t work, because …” and not “government filtering of media is ethically wrong!”

  2. @Alex: You raise a good point. Most people involved in the discussions, even the geekfolk “fighting the good fight”, have little real clue about the technical aspects. I will make sure to write this backgrounder some time before 5 January.

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