Links for 29 December 2008 through 09 January 2009

Stilgherrian’s massive megamix January melange of links from 29 December 2008 through to 09 January 2009.

There’s so many links here that for the blog version I’ll put them all “below the fold”. Happy reading!

One Reply to “Links for 29 December 2008 through 09 January 2009”

  1. That’s an interesting set of links

    You might like to try this one:

    You aren’t censored directly on the Chinese Baidu search engine BUT click on the item on the top right hand corner which takes an inquisitive person to a link to Google China and watch as Google “stilgherrian” turns to Google “null”

    Some search terms pass that test and I suggest trying this

    For an example of how it can work if the search term isn’t suspect (in Chinese eyes) and you’ll (possibly) get an unaltered Google “milf”

    Googling “milf” (China) results in over 59 million entries given that the Chinese haven’t a clue what “milf” (acronym for “mandatory ISP level filtering”) means.

    However the term “stilgherrian” appears to send the Chinese censors into a frenzy and you are ( I’m afraid ) reduced to a null ! 🙂

    You are clearly vulgar in the eyes of the Chinese.

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