Building Stonehenge, solo

This guy in cosmopolitan Flint, Michigan, thinks he’s cracked the technique for building Stonehenge — without requiring alien intervention.

Thanks to _Signal vs Noise_ for the pointer.

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  1. ’Pong, a good question. I suspect neither of those will survive.

    Photo of bicycle trouser clipsOn a (slightly) related point, I think one of the great mysteries facing archeologists of the future is the bicycle trouser clip (see picture). These are spring-steel circlets which you put around the bottom of your trousers to stop them getting caught in the chain of your bicycle. They’re usually stored by hanging them on your bedroom doorknob, at least in a student share house. And, like socks, one of them always goes missing.

    So, in the year 5000AD, the archaeologists will be wondering what a single spring-steel circlet is for. Perhaps some sort of jewelry? An obscure sex aid, perhaps?

  2. Was it Eddie Izzard who said they eventually settled upon the design for Stonehenge after some unfortunate incidents involving Strawhenge and Stickhenge?

  3. Bloody funny man, a really gifted comic.

    How he performs for two hours in those heels is beyond me, though.

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