Apple iPhone parodies

Thanks to the ever-observant people at Signal vs Noise, I can draw your attention to‘s competition for fake designs for non-existent Apple products.

Photo-mockup of Apple iToilet

I can’t be the only one with infantile humour, because there’s lots of toilet-themed entries — though for my money this is the best.

As David Pogue writes in the New York Times, “All of these are funny because Apple is so about design. It’s just ripe for parody, in a way that no other company is.” Yes, as he asks, what would a parody of an HP computer look like?

SvN put a nice business spin on this:

If someone was going to make fun of your company, how would they do it? (And if there’s no answer, is that a sign you’re lacking a defined point of view?)

I suppose I really should post my analysis of the whole iPhone thing — but I might leave it until all the Apple zealots have grabbed a tissue and wiped themselves down.

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