33 Days of Wiki Inspiration

A wiki is a website which allows anyone to add, remove, or otherwise edit content, quickly and easily. The best-known wiki is Wikipedia, an open encyclopedia which anyone can contribute to.

But wikis are also good in a business context for maintaining documentation — because anyone can update the documentation immediately.

To show you what’s possible, Eastwikkers series has just started a series called “33 Wikis,” featuring best practices in wiki-based collaboration.

Each day — for 33 days — we will focus on one wiki, and we will briefly describe what the wiki is for, why we like it, and we can all learn from it.

I’ll be following it myself, and reporting back at the end.

[Update 16 January 2008: This page is still getting hundreds of visitors a month. I’m curious. How did you get to this page? What brought you here? And while you’re here, do feel free to look around and maybe even post a few comments.]

2 Replies to “33 Days of Wiki Inspiration”

  1. It’s not always a successful technique. For example, I hear the Multiple Personality Disorder support group wiki is a real mess…

  2. I just discovered that for June 2007 this was the most common entry point to this website apart from the home page and RSS feeds. Perhaps I ought to point out that I never did bother following up the 33 Days of Wiki Inspiration series — it was worth reading but I didn’t have anything constructive to add.

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