Patch Monday: Backups for small business

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Are your data backups up-to-date? Are you sure? Have you tested them lately? Could your business survive an equipment failure, flood, fire or theft?

In the Patch Monday podcast this week, I take a look at backup options for small and SOHO businesses. Is it time to move beyond sticking a tape drive in your Windows Small Business Server? After all, terabyte hard drives are under $200, and cloud storage options are available for just a few dollars a month.

We hear from Sally McIntosh of PR firm Condiment Communications with her lack-of-backup horror story, and my mate Garth Kidd who does storage and backup stuff for the big end of town. He reckons it’s worth bringing this enterprise computing attitude to small business backups.

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2 Replies to “Patch Monday: Backups for small business”

  1. Hi Stilgherrian

    I read an EFF commentary by Jillian York 23/6/11 about Optus/Telstra beginning their net filtering. I thought it raised key issues that are worth discussion. The commentary discusses how there is no transparency in selection of URLs blacklisting, no accountability regarding oversite of blacklisting of sites, no recourse if you are caught up in the blacklist. And that ultimately the people/sites they are trying to block are using peer to peer networks.

    EFF website “Australia Heads Down the Slippery Slope, Authorizes ISPs to Filter”

    Interested in your comments.

  2. @Michael Abbey: I’ve seen the story, but my initial reaction was that I’d said all that could be said about the subject ages ago. Lack of transparency and accountability, the fact that a URL-based scheme is easy to defeat, and that it doesn’t even begin to address the real problem of child abuse material have all been written about at length by others.

    However your comment has triggered two ideas.

    • I might gather together links to some of my writing on this topic into a blog post, so people can come up to speed.
    • I’ll see if any of my editors are interested in a new op-ed on the topic, covering how these more recent developments fit in.
    • I’ll post a comment here in this — ahem! — completely unrelated post if and when that’s done, assuming you asked for email notifications.

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