Patch Monday: The challenge of government 2.0

ZDNet Australia logo: click for Patch Monday episode 22In episode 22 of Patch Monday, a look at the draft final report of the Government 2.0 Taskforce with the Taskforce chair Nicholas Gruen.

I also talk a little about the Taskforce’s MashupAustralia competition and its winners. And there is, as usual, quick run-through of the week’s news headlines, should you have missed them.

You can listen below. But it’s even better for my stats if you listen at ZDNet Australia or subscribe to the RSS feed or subscribe in iTunes.

Please, let me know what you think. Feedback very, very welcome. And do let me know if there’s any topics I should cover, or guests we should interview.

Gosh, is it really a week since I last posted something here? Must. Do. Better.

2 Replies to “Patch Monday: The challenge of government 2.0”

  1. Interviews with people in the classification, censorship and gaming development areas over the course of summer would be informative and interesting, especially as we approach the end of February deadline for the AG’s “An R18+ Classification for Computer Games – Public Consultation” effort. A public consultation effort that allows interested parties to use a submission template that:

    “Submissions can be sent by email in Word format without embedded images. Submissions can also be posted or faxed.”

    No mashups, please… ahem….

    Interviewers could include people within the Classification Operations Branch at AG’s, members of the Classification Review Board, developers subject to the review board decisions, gamers and people opposed to violent games.

    Given the hiatus in Live! offerings, I should expect to see you on the ABC’s Good Game program at some point as well. 😉

  2. @Sylmobile: A good suggestion. The lack of an R18+ classification for games is, in my opinion, a thoroughly weird anomaly in the classification system. Not the only one, of course, but a glaring one.

    I had thought to interview the South Australian Attorney-General, Michael Atkinson. By all accounts he — or at least his office — is the stumbling block. I would be interested to try to understand why R18+ games would be such a threat to society when R18+ movies are not.

    I can’t imagine myself on Good Game though. I’m not that interested in gaming myself, apart from the thoroughly unfashionable genre of strategic-level military simulations and, perhaps, submarine warfare. Good Game still equates “games” with “funky youth market”, and there I do not fit.

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