Web 2.0: Tsunami or Mirage?

With all the excitement over “Web 2.0”, there’s still an almost complete lack of formal literature. “It is important that movements with such energy and potential be subjected to critical attention,” says Roger Clarke. His working paper Web 2.0 – Tsunami or Mirage? is an interesting start — and he’s presenting a seminar this afternoon at ANU in Canberra.

6 Replies to “Web 2.0: Tsunami or Mirage?”

  1. Yay, it correctly saith Zhasper this time!

    Me betteth it hath something to do with the fact that Web 2.0 is (TM) Tim O’Reilly[1], and he won’t let anyone else use it. If there were to be ‘formal literature’, it would have to be written by Tim, and he’s too busy (and/or created a catchphrase that’s actually meaningless, so has no idea what to write).

    [1] http://www.ventureblog.com/articles/indiv/2006/001243.html

  2. You’re forgetting the bit where he has a baby ~4 weeks old – that he was flying home to see, 3 weeks earlier, when he got detained.

  3. You’re saying that you put a higher priority on doing work that rewards you with money than on doing work that rewards you in me whining less?

    Some people are just twisted.

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