Fairfax drops Macquarie Dictionary

I’m not the only one critical of the Macquarie Dictionary, it seems. Big fat media empire Fairfax is switching over to using the Australian Oxford Dictionary. Crikey has the story (behind the paywall for the moment). They quote the Fairfax memo: “Style officers from major papers in the group agree that the Oxford has a stronger sense of style than the Macquarie, offers concise, informative definitions and clearly states its preference for word usage, and therefore is better suited for use in a media organisation.”

One Reply to “Fairfax drops Macquarie Dictionary”

  1. To which I’d add that the Macquarie‘s etymologies and register labels can be a bit suspect, and that strangely, as a result of a historical attempt to avoid cultural cringe, they don’t mark Australian terms as Australian. But then I’m biased.

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