Live Blog: Media 2010

Photo of Simon Gallagher and Moeed Ahmad: click for Media 2010 website

This Friday 19 February I’m liveblogging from Media 2010 in Sydney, billed as “the Annual Forecast for Digital Media Professionals”.

The highlights for me are likely to be Simon Gallagher (pictured, left) from Hulu and Moeed Ahmad (pictured, right), Head of New Media at Al Jazeera, but I suspect there’ll be some surprises.

Later today I’ll review my live blog from Media 09 and post some reflections. [Update 20 February 2010: Nope, I didn’t get time for that.]

Given the changes in the media landscape it should be interesting — to say the least. What I can say already, though, is that I’m hoping Media 2010’s afternoon sessions aren’t like Media 09’s, which were mostly agencies pimping their showreels.

For now, though, just bookmark this page and pop back on the day. The event runs 9am to 5pm Sydney time, and I’ll cover as much as I can.

I’ll also issue reminders via my Twitter stream and tag everything #media_2010. Sorry about the irritating underscore. Blame Fairfax Digital.

If you can’t see the CoveritLive tool immediately below, then you’re not using a compatible browser.

Note that anything in black text without a name at the front will be from me. I liveblog using the following conventions:

  • Text in “double quote marks” is an exact quote from the current speaker.
  • Text not in quote marks is my paraphrase or summary of the current speaker.
  • Text in [square brackets] is my commentary.

If you’re going to be at Media 2010, please let me know.

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  1. @franksting: Moeed Ahmad’s presentation was essentially the same as the one from Riyad Minty at Media140 Sydney, an overview of the social media and Creative Commons work done by Al Jazeera. It wasn’t new to me, so it was fun watching everyone who hadn’t seen it reacting with joy at their excellent work.

    I’m not sure when I’ll get around to cleaning up the transcript and posting my reflections. Busy days ahead.

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