What next for Justice Michael Kirby?

Photograph of Justice Michael Kirby

In the 21st Century, daily newspapers have turned into a collection of magazines and supplements geared to the needs of advertisers, with a veneer of “news” at the front.

The Sydney Morning Herald is no exception, and their monthly the(sydney)magazine is particularly irritating. Supposedly it’s about “who and what makes this city tick”. It’s actually about self-indulgence such as food, wine and “the arts” printed on expensive glossy paper so the ads for top-shelf electronics, perfume and jewellery look good.

This month’s feature “the(top100)”, Sydney’s “most influential” people, listed more chefs, wine marketers and furniture designers than politicians, and no religious leaders whatsoever. Bah!

I was pleased, however, that “progressive” judge Justice Michael Kirby (pictured) made the list — along with one of his trademark snappy thoughts.

Kirby is almost 69 years old and thinking about what for him is the weird concept of retirement. Apparently his entry in Who’s Who lists his recreations as “work”.

“I’ve no idea what I’m going to do… I’m pretty good with a live audience — maybe I could become Australia’s answer to Jerry Springer and have my own show?”

Perhaps we should start the fan club now…?