Podcast masterclass at Walkley Media Conference

I’m doing a one-hour masterclass on producing podcasts at this year’s Walkley Media Conference in Sydney on Wednesday 11 August 2010. Well, more a tutorial, really.

According to the conference program I’m covering: “Recording and editing audio — and putting it out there in a podcast. What software/tools do you need?” In reality, we’ll look at the needs of the people who register and structure the session around that.

Next week I’ll post details of my own Mac-based toolkit and workflows for producing the Patch Monday podcast. Does anyone know of a good listing of Windows options?

There’s some great-looking sessions, and plenty of people I want to meet or catch up with again, so I’ll be staying around for as much of the event as I can. It runs for four days, from 9 to 12 August.

5 Replies to “Podcast masterclass at Walkley Media Conference”

  1. I love Audacity, and you might want to give that a mention. Since it’s libre and cross-platform, pretty much anyone with a computer will be able to use it. I’ve also found it more than capable for podcast work.

  2. @Dave The Happy Singer: I will definitely mention Audacity, yes. Maybe I should scrounge a Windows laptop with suitable stuff installed to demo that too.

    @Allison Reynolds: It’s a good bunch of tutorials there, thank you.

  3. @Grahame Lynch: Hah! I hadn’t got up to thinking about that yet, but it’s a good idea. I’ll see how I go, though. This is a busy time…

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