Quote of the Day, 31 January 2008

Why is Facebook so popular? Sunrise presenter Pete Blasina has the explanation: “It’s because of the Internet.” Gotcha, Pete. Note, this man is paid to present this segment on technology. Obviously Channel 7 have scoured teh internetz for only the best of the best. Hat-tip to Cameron Reilly.

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  1. Morning television makes getting out of the house to go to work easier! Especially Sunrise, I’m never late when I put that on.

  2. I briefly caught a glimpse of Blasina’s shirt and that alone was enough to send me running. It’s possibly his worst shirt and comment to date. Even worse than his shirt with swordfish dancing on hibiscuses.

  3. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen this guy do ANY piece of technology justice.

  4. Out of interest, was Koshie there? Since I doubt Koshie would let this slip through his tight quality assurance net for interview standards.

  5. Jason, he was. In the bit I saw he was asking how Facebook compared to MySpace. And in case you are wondering how it compared: Blasina said its pretty much the same. Well, something along those lines.

    A few screen grabs showing how to share photos of your children at the beach were shown, but I didn’t hear whether they bought in a potential predator angle. Woulda been a great opportunity.

    Quality assurance doesn’t apply when a story is about technology, not even at very high Koch level standards.

  6. Ah, Koshie, what can you say about a man who tells jokes the way he does, laugh, I nearly die.
    And gee My Space and Facebook I cant tell the difference between them myself (when I’m blindfolded, in a cave, with no internet connection).

  7. Imagine the burst of comments if Kochie was discovered by masseuse passed out naked in his New York apartment with a rolled up Australian flag lined wth sherbet powder.

  8. @jaron: I think that’s precisely why all the jokes about Heath Ledger have been so lame. Ledger was, as I said in one of the previous pieces, a respected actor with an in-control personal life. Steve Irwin was a loud joke, and so attracted loud jokes in hsi death. The same could be said for Kochie — there’s already a sense of self-deprecating humour about him.

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