(Si Si) Je Suis Un Blog Star!

It’s a lame excuse to link to Bill Wyman’s old song, but I am actually very happy to have been translated into French and quoted in Le Monde.

In his column Transnets, Francis Pisani‘s article Blogalaxie/4: “futur des médias” et “rumeurs” quotes my rant about journalism from last week.

Ils ont parlé de la “tension artificielle” blogueurs-journalistes qui, selon Stephen Collins occupe trop de place (voir ce qu’en ont écrit Narvic et Éliane Fiolet sur Transnets).

J’ai bien aimé cette phrase du blogueur australien Stilgherrian: “Ce qui est fatiguant dans cette fausse dichotomie c’est qu’elle compare les idéaux les plus élevés du journalisme et le degré le plus bas du blogging personnel.”

Et ce petit avis aux journalistes traditionnels: “La forme de votre métier et la forme de vos articles était déterminée par la technologie pour les distribuer.” Aujourd’hui “nous avons tous des claviers, nous avons tous des téléphones mobiles avec des caméras ou nous les aurons bientôt. Nous avons tous des outils de publication et de distribution” comme WordPress ou YouTube entre autres.

I sound much more intelligent in French… and I do like the word “blogalaxie” rather than “blogosphere”. Still, I reckon “blogueur” and “blogueuse” sound more like something you’d pump out of an asthmatic duck.

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  1. Yoü dò söuñd møré intellîgènt in Frençh, bùt þerhäps ït’s júst the åçcêñts? Try using a few more HTML entities in your day-to-day speech and see how it improves your credibility!

  2. You have well and truly made it! Je suis très envieuse! (I can’t figure out how to put the grave on the e in très …).

  3. @Eric T F Bat: You have too much time on your hands.

    @Quatrefoil: Well, I’ve fixed it for you. On OS X, you type option-` then the e. Windows? Who cares…

  4. Still trying to figure out what Eric The Furry Bat (just guessing) actually stands for.

  5. @Stephen Stockwell: It’s “fruit”. A Monty Python reference which reveals both Eric’s age and mine.

    @skeptical: My distant and largely-forgotten high school French tells me that in some contexts “Si Si” more appropriate, but buggered if I can remember what they are. It’s in the title of the Bill Wyman song, which is why I used it.

  6. @Stilgherrian: I was questioning more his principles and purpose on this Earth.

  7. Belatedly – ‘si’ means ‘yes’ if you’re refuting a previous negative, and the duplication is just an intensifier. So:

    “Si, si.”
    [put fingers in ears and sing ‘la, la, la’.]

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