The Bulletin closes after 128 years

The Bulletin magazine is no more. After 128 years, this agenda-setting weekly has just published its last issue. The Bulletin‘s fate was “somehow symptomatic” of the impact of the Internet on news magazines, says the publisher. I reckon it’s more about failing to publish information and commentary that you couldn’t find elsewhere. Apart from The Sphere of Influence, that is. Who needs yet more movie and wine reviews?

7 Replies to “The Bulletin closes after 128 years”

  1. Gods dammit! Now what am I supposed to read while sitting in my doctor’s waiting room? >_<

  2. @Sweet Sister Morphine: If they’re anything like my medicos, you’ll be able to read plenty of glossy fashion, interior design and glamorous art-collecting magazines. Oh, and stuff about the share market. But then my medicos represent the [cough] inner-city faggot market.

  3. Yep. AS every webmeister will tell you, “content is king”.

    And funnily enough, that counts in print too, not that it seems to matter much to any of ’em anymore. And they wonder why we’re all online …..

  4. It went under because it was basically crap. I can get better political analysis at, oh, at least half a dozen blogs.

    @Sweet Sister Morphine: When I were a lad it were all ‘Reader’s Digest’ at t’doctor’s!

  5. You’ll still be able to read them at your doctors for the next five years if they update their magazines as infrequently as mine do!

  6. @Cassie ST: It’s good to know that we agree about something! 😉 Now, about those whales… [ducks]

    @Emma: If doctors are 5 years behind in keeping their waiting rooms filled with magazines, imagine how up to date they might be with the latest medical breakthroughs! “You seem to have a case of the dropsy, milady.”

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