Episode 2 wasn’t recorded

Last night’s episode of Stilgherrian Live Alpha wasn’t recorded. I think my overloaded computer took too long to confirm that I’d pressed the “record” button and I pressed it a second time — turning off the recording. Oops. A shame: there was a solid improvement, but still lessons which could be learned from a review. Still, I’ll review the chat logs and other feedback and post something later.

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  1. @Snif: It’s also a classic textbook way to build future mystique around your early “seminal” works. I can see it now. As Stil evolves into a household name throughout the realm of geekdom and beyond, trainspotters will be on the hunt for a viewer-recorded bootleg of Stilgherrian Live Alpha Episode II: The Lost Sessions. And because it’ll be such a rarefied specimen, those same trainspotters will enjoy dissecting it as the blueprint for future greatness. Hell, if it works for musicians, film makers and painters…

    Though I was looking forward to seeing the podcast this morning.
    Oh well.

  2. “Trainspotters will be on the hunt for a viewer-recorded bootleg.”

    Not to mention the zillions of punters who’ll claim they were there on the first night.

  3. Yes, it’s a shame you missed my exclusive interview with Prime Minister Rudd, where he revealed his secret passions for sea cucumbers and sex with walruses.

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