Everyday poetry

My Facebook status says: Stilgherrian is considering. All things considered. Suggest three.

My friend Matt says: Three huh? Pop Rocks; Hopscotch and a Stopwatch.

He’s pretty clever, I think. Now, whatever happened to Pop Rocks?

2 Replies to “Everyday poetry”

  1. Someone recently brought a packet of “SauBar Knister-Bad” home for our kids from a family trip to Germany.

    At the time I mused that the packet reminded me of pop-rocks (we loved them, used to feed them to the dog, or wet the verandah, then sprinkle them and watch them jump around like fleas.

    Amusingly, upon pouring some into the bath, they began popping, although in the large body of water it sounded not unlike something being deep fried.

    The kids have loved them, and I love the slogan on the back of the packet “Supercoolem Knister-Bad!!”

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