Joining the ABC Advisory Council

I’m tempted to apply for a spot on the ABC Advisory Council. I reckon I’d have something worthwhile to contribute. But am I close enough to their ideal of a fine upstanding citizen to fit with the others? “It’s your ABC,” but only for middle-class whites, plus a token Asian who’s a member of various committees so that’s OK.

2 Replies to “Joining the ABC Advisory Council”

  1. @’Pong: Oh, it’s not about “good enough”. I know from my time spent on the SA Community Broadcasting Association and the AIDS Council of SA that I can work at an advisory board level and investigate and report on community opinion. And i certainly know broadcasting.

    It’s more about whether the current version of the ABC as an adult-minding service for middle-class baby boomers is an organisation that’d appreciate what I have to say.

    Then again, maybe that’s the point.

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