Oh dear, it’s a caption competition, Fiona and Ben!

What is wrong with this picture? Here’s me, Sex Party and Eros Association representative Fiona Patten, and Fairfax technology journalist and editor Ben Grubb at the Internet Industry Association’s Harbour Nautical Policy Party last Thursday afternoon.

I reckon we should have a competition for the best caption. Entries in the comments below, please, and they closes 5pm this Friday 9 December 2011 Sydney time. We’ll choose the winner between us. Somehow. Stop asking me questions.

I suppose I should think of a prize.

If you need more details to inspire you, zoom in or look at the original uncropped image.

Maybe Ben can be the prize.

No, I think that’s illegal.

Does someone have a prize?

26 Replies to “Oh dear, it’s a caption competition, Fiona and Ben!”

  1. 404 when I try and get the uncropped version. What sneaky things are they doing just out of the shot? I need to know!

    1. Also. I have no funny caption to add.

      Just something about playing stink finger with the Sex Party, and I’m not sure that’s appropriate.

  2. “If it wasn’t for that battery compartment, I wouldn’t even have known it was one of your toys Fiona.”

    “I know!”

  3. Ben: I’m the goddess and you all know that.
    Fiona: I need another drink, seriously!
    Stilgherrian: I want he’s wearing.

  4. “I love your Justin Bieber RealDoll, Fiona, but do you honestly think he’ll win in Fred’s electorate?”

  5. Oh I’m actually quite liking these suggested captions. I don’t know about anyone else. Anyway, I’ll think of a suitable prize tomorrow. Meanwhile keep them coming!

    1. The prize should be the photo itself printed and framed in gelded raspberry ornament, no, it should be with sea-breeze shellfish decoration.

  6. A suitable prize would be “The Solution to Stil’s Script Challenge” sent in a brown paper envelope.

    To those who haven’t a clue what this means the challenge would be to find out what “Stil’s Script Challenge” is.

  7. Ben: If you come home you can see my collection of furry tails and we can Yiff the night away.

    Fiona: I’d like that very much.

    Stilgherrian: ‽‽‽

  8. Suddenly, the President of the pocket billiards association realised he was at the wrong Christmas party…

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