4 Replies to “Skank Media registered!”

  1. @Richard: Well maybe we’ll just use a photo of her knickers.. If she wants to sue, she first has to prove they’re her knickers. That’s a court case I want to see!

  2. Your one-name is pretty cool, and I just learned that people only have one name as of January of this year, when I had a computer science instructor whose name was Indratmo.

  3. @Huy Dang: Thank you. It appears that Indratmo has published a few papers under that single name. A bit of poking around suggests that he’s of Indonesian origins. Here in Australia I’m told that the two main sources of single-named people are generic Australians who’ve changed their name to a single word, like me, or Indonesians from areas where surnames or family names have yet to be widely adopted.

    Your comment turning up on this post, of all places, reminds me that I haven’t actually done much with the business name “Skank Media”. I shall have to fix that.

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