Stilgherrian Simpsonsized

Stilgherrian as a Simpsons character

’Pong and I have just let The Simpsons Movie and Burger King absorb an hour of our valuable attention in exchange for turning us into yellow-skinned characters. Simpsonize Me is a promotional tool for the film, but one which gives you a toy to play with — the ability to turn your photos into characters from The Simpsons — in exchange for a bit of brand reinforcement.

I reckon this is how “interactive advertising” has to work. A fair exchange of value. As opposed to Audi’s over-produced self-indulgent wank, where they get your psychometric profile and you get — well, nothing.

The question now, of course: How good a match for me is the character I’ve made? Comments?

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  1. @Garth Yeah it’s not bad eh? Still, Facebook… I don’t want to be seen as yet another victim of pop culture marketing. I have [coughs] intellectual integrity!

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