How will you mark the Winter Solstice?

Tomorrow, 21 June, is the Winter Solstice here in the southern hemisphere — traditionally a time for new beginnings. What will you be doing for the Solstice?

Last year I wrote a personal rant. But this year I’m spending the day with my office manager, my partner and a colleague who knows about creative business strategies, trying to figure out how best to re-shape what I’m doing.

We’ve booked a meeting room overlooking Sydney Harbour, so I’m expecting to be inspired — one way or another. At the very least I should get some decent photos.

[Update 21 June: Actually, the Solstice is 22 June here in Sydney this year. Details in the comments.]

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  1. hmmm, solstice means it must be “Day In the Life Of” once more on Flickr… so I’ll be lugging my camera around all over the place too.

  2. Actually it is the 22nd this year, (winter solstice) just thought you might like to know.

  3. @Sas: Ah, alas you are quite right. Thanks very much for the correction. The BBC website says that the solstice is at 7.06pm British summer time, which means it’s at 4.06am Friday morning Sydney time.

    The one year I didn’t cross-check and of course it’s a year that it’s on the 22nd…

    This is actually quite reassuring. My all-day session meant that I didn’t get home in time to do my usual ritual before sundown. Now I’ll be able to do that properly tomorrow.

  4. Hi :),
    I guess as long as you mark the solstice somehow it dosent matter wich day u do it, Traditionally we are ment to have festivals for three days anyway 🙂
    Blessed Be.
    And Merry Yule to you 🙂

  5. @Sas: And Merry Yule to you too! You’ve just helped me decide what will be happening over the next 48 hours… the depth of Winter is something we should celebrate — and this follows on directly from what I wrote the other day about disconnection from Nature. Merry meet!

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