Two more media appearances

I’ve blipped up in a couple new places overnight. ZDNet Australia quoted me in a story, Australian Twitter use hits all-time high. Given the volume of my Twitterstream that’s probably my fault alone. And I’ve also appeared in cartoon form thanks to websinthe. More on both those stories soon.

5 Replies to “Two more media appearances”

  1. Eric TF Bat: I have no idea what the orange/gold is about. Is that the “goldfish” effect maybe? I am one of the “feral goldfish” myself? You’ll have to ask websinthe, I think.

    I did indeed enjoy your “bijou rantette”, and point you in turn to a rather amusingly-styled guide to improving the quality of your spam.

    @Sean the Blogonaut: My plan to do more media stuff in 2009 and less geek-for-hire stuff seems to be coming together nicely, yes. Glad you liked it.

  2. To be honest, the yellow/orange/gold/whatever colour that I used in the comic came down to the way I colour the stick figures — only certain colours come out at all, and not all of them very well. This was one of the few colours I’d not slated for upcoming new characters (omg spoiler!)

    The Guantanamo Bay idea, however, does strike me as an interesting and possibly very funny one.

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