Australia 2020 delegates announced

The full list of delegates to the Australia 2020 Summit has been announced. For some reason undoubtedly related to the relative efficiencies of government and media, it was published on The Australian‘s website before the official one. And due to some oversight they seem to have left my name off the list. I’ll follow that up when I’m not wrapping up at a client’s office.

3 Replies to “Australia 2020 delegates announced”

  1. Stilgherrian:

    While you’re down there, would you be so kind as to ask why my invitation is late too? 🙂

    Very annoyed that there are going to be Local Summits in only relatively few electorates. Now if we, in this part of The Bush, threatened to secede from the Commonwealth would that bring about a Local Summit in this electorate? Just wondering, that’s all.

  2. I’ve been mentally exhausted after a busy work week, and wanted to finish my review of ABC Playback, just published. So I may not return to Australia 2020 today — I just thought I should say that lest people think “sour grapes”.

    @Graham Bell: If your local electorate isn’t getting involved, that’s a question for your local MP, I guess. Who are you blessed with as Your Duly-Elected Democratic Representative?

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