Conroy dumped as Minister for Broadband

Photograph of Senator Stephen Conroy

Senator Stephen Conroy has been sacked as Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy.

According to early reports, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd remained tight-lipped when questioned about the reasons for Conroy’s departure. “Senator Conroy did a commendable job over the past 14 months, but it’s time for a change of direction”, he said.

The move leaves the government’s unpopular ISP filtering plan up in the air. Continual delays with the NBN tender and the exclusion of Telstra from the plan have been cited by analysts as key reasons for why Conroy has been dumped. Earlier this year, the Senator was found by a Whirlpool survey to be a less effective communications minister than his Liberal predecessors.

Conroy has been in the post since Labor took government in 2007, and was previously the Shadow Minister for Trade, Corporate Governance and Financial Services.

16 Replies to “Conroy dumped as Minister for Broadband”

  1. Well I s’pose that answers one of the questions you posed the other day.

    [Lights a candle to Eris, Winslow, Bacon and any other divine entities which may be listening, in the hope that this isn’t an April Fools joke.]

  2. Following his efforts on Q&A last week, you’d have to think it might be true.

    But the date tells me it’s probably a fake… or at least not the “department’s full version of a fake”. 😉

  3. Fuck April Fool’s Day. This needs to be true, godsdammit!

    I’m bitterly disappointed. I’m going to bed. Wake me when it’s not stupid.

  4. It’s a harsh joke if it is a Fools Day thing.

    Whirlpool won’t be popular with its thousands of supporters if this is the kinda shart they pull.

    1. @Nummas — you think there’d be thousands of Conroy supporters on Whirlpool? If one in a hundred informed and intelligent internet users has anything but pity and contempt for that man, I’d be very much surprised.

  5. WooHoo!

    Oh …. bugga!

    Bugga, bugga, bugga.

    But was Whirlpool trying a #trend fist on this? (Even with APRIL FOOLS writ large on the post?)

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