And they still get a vote, part 2

About 5pm this afternoon I overheard the following conversation on a train approaching Central station. I’m guessing these two guys were in their mid-20s, and weren’t merchant bankers.

Lad #1: Interest rates have gone up 25% today. So your rent’s going to go up.

Lad #2: What the fuck?

Lad #1: Yeah, I heard it on the radio. The guy who owns your place has to pay 25% more, so you’ll have to pay 25% more rent.

Lad #2: Fuck that! That’s what? Fuck! That’s $75 [presumably a fortnight]. No fuckin’ way! No cunt’s charging me any fuckin’ more for that fuckin’ crack den I live in.

And you thought you had it tough…

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