Live Blog: ALIA Information Online 2009, Day 1

Information Online 2009 logo

Senator Stephen Conroy is apparently opening today’s proceedings of Information Online 2009, a 3-day conference in Sydney organise by the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA). I’ll be live blogging some of the proceedings here.

I’ll start my live blog at about 9am Sydney time — in just under two and a half hours — on this page. See you then!

If you can’t see the CoveritLive tool immediately below, then you’re not using a compatible browser.

Check out today’s program, and feel free to add questions, comments or requests.

I’ll add separate pages for the following two days’ live blogs around 7am each morning.

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  1. Thanks for the Live Blog! Great for those of us who aren’t at the conference. I got to chat with Liz Lawley last year at SLA in Seattle and she got me hooked on another tool that it looks like she didn’t mention today: (could have interesting applications for web tours).

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