NetAlert faces Senate Estimates Committee today

The Senate Estimates Committee should be interesting today. Questions will be asked about the former government’s NetAlert program: $189M spent for just 144,088 filters installed — and only 29,000 of them still being used. Yes, just like all parliamentary proceedings, there’s a live webcast.

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  1. I see two ways of looking at the NetAlert numbers:

    1) No one wants a filtered Internet service – whether software or at an ISP level.

    2) Our the Gov’s likely POV – Low numbers are because parents are too clueless to install filtering software and therefore the Gov needs to do everything possible to help them ie. implement manadatory ISP level filtering.

    Current topic on the Finance & Public Administration feed: What temp should the aircons be set to in parliment house. 22 or 24? YOU BE THE JUDGE.

    Someone suggested the aircon dials have the temps marked on them.

  2. @Michael Meloni: It’ll be interesting to see how the numbers are spun, yes. You’re watching the wrong committee room, though.

    NetAlert is under Environment, Communications & the Arts — which is currently grilling Australia Post on their employment practices. According to the daily program [PDF file], the entire day (through to 11pm!) is on the Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy portfolio, and NetAlert is the last item on the agenda.

  3. Well I got bored watching the Enviro/Comms committee, so I did some channel surfing. Boy I’m glad I did too otherwise I would have missed the aircon controversy. It’s better than a bad episode of Passions over on the Public Admin feed.

    It now appears that mobile phone reception is hopeless through the house. It’s a giant blackspot.

    Thanks for the program PDF. I’ll be home from work by the time NetAlert gets a mention.

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