Why the porn filter don’t work, by the guy what did it

Tom Wood, the teenager who cracked the Australian government’s NetAlert porn filter in under an hour, has written a detailed analysis of the whole issue. Lotsa useful links at the bottom. Go, boy!

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  1. jason’s avatar

    15 Million websites being launched every minute?

    Maybe he means pages

  2. Stilgherrian’s avatar

    @jason: I think he most certainly means pages! 🙂 That sounds about right given that one study shows there’s 23.5 billion web pages in total.

    Dumb number, though. What’s “a page”? Does a database search form count as one page? A page for every record in the database? A page for every combination of search results? Bah.

    David Sifry reckons there’s 120,000 new blogs created per day, of which 3000 to 4000 are spam. And I couldn’t be bothered looking for any more statistics this morning.

    Unless they’re about terrapins. I could cope with more statistics about terrapins.

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