3 Replies to “What exactly is President Bush’s job?”

  1. Kristin, thanks for posting the link — even if it did look a lot lot a spambot comment, what with “thought you might like this” and no other information as to _why_ I might like it.

    Kristin has put together a little protest video of news images set to music. And while the message and sentiments clear, hey, since I was a media professional in another life I’ll add do a critique…

    First reaction: the rendered TV shape is cheesey and adds nothing. You could have just run the images full-frame. The typography is a bit amateur too — I’d choose the typefaces more wisely.

    The music choice is “obvious” — but then I guess you were going for maximum recognition? It’s the 21st Century now, I’d have gone with 21st Century music. Or does this track have special meaning for you?

    Still, I very much like the fact that you’re spending time making political messages. Feel free to run any future ones past me for a comment.

  2. stilgherrian.
    sorry i didn’t add more info to the link. Thanks for the critique though. i did this in a media class i took while in college. The tv was to show how we disconnect and distance ourselves from images that should disturb us. Possibly this could have been achived better.

    The music was chosen mainly because i had easy access to it. I admit, i have a terribly lazy side:p

    Anyway, thanks heaps for your feed back!


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