Bring back real government communication, I say!

I’m sick of the dull, bureaucratic PR-speak that most politicians use. I’d like to see Chairman Rudd use some direct, more colourful language — not just mentioning Iced VoVos from time to time.

I’m currently reading Iron Kingdom: the rise and downfall of Prussia 1600-1947. There’s some fine examples of what I mean in these marginal notes written by King Frederick William I in government papers from the 1730s (p.78):

  • Responding to a proposal that von Holtzendorf be sent to Denmark (presumably as an ambassador): “To gallows with Hotzedorff [sic] how dare you sujest me this rogue but as he’s a curr he’s good enough for the gallows go tell hym that.”
  • Noting a report from Kuhlwein: “Kuhlwein is an idiott he can kis my arss.”

Now how should Kevin Rudd respond to some of the questions being asked of him in the media this week?

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