US Cryptographers: “FrpX-K5jE-Oc4n-e5Dn”

From that fine journal, The Onion, a warning:

WASHINGTON, DC—In a carefully phrased, 128-bit encoded announcement that has challenged US security agency procedures, top officials of the National Cryptography and Information Security Council warned that “FrpX-K5jE-Oc4n-e5Dn” if “Ha4d-87gH-uiH3-gB5r-g8Bh” late Monday.

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3 Replies to “US Cryptographers: “FrpX-K5jE-Oc4n-e5Dn””

  1. I wonder if bored spooks on night shift have tried to work out if it actually means anything?

  2. Ah Richard, we’ve already had 10 people arriving at this page after searching for “frpx-k5je-oc4n-e5dn”. I wonder how many of them were bored late-night spooks?

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