Not David Hicks, but Wayne Carey

No, contrary to yesterday’s rumour Andrew Denton’s first guest for 2008 won’t be long-term GITMO resident David Hicks but instead noted feminist, temperance campaigner and pacifist footballer Wayne Carey.

3 Replies to “Not David Hicks, but Wayne Carey”

  1. Interesting-ness and impact on society == FAIL

    Another thug footballer with issues. Walk anywhere near a pub on a Saturday night and the air is thick with them. I use the word thick advisedly.

    Football is the Opium of the Workclass, son.

  2. @Nick Hodge: Agreed 100%. While there’s presumably some interest in Carey from somewhere… I’m not sure I like what this says about the ABC’s priorities, given that this is billed as a one-off so special that it’s being aired well ahead of the main season.

    BTW, Akismet marked your comment as spam, so FAIL there too. I wonder what it was thinking?

  3. @Nick Hodge: “Football is the Opium of the Workclass”
    That’s definitely been the conventional wisdom for as long as I can remember, but I’d suggest what we’re seeing lately — with the spectacle of dickheads like Carey, Cousins, Fevola (and the rest) on their ever-growing salaries — is the emergence of Football as the Opium of the Footballer, with his unthought mantra: ‘I can do whatever the fuck I like’.

    As an aside, I’ve actually come to quite enjoy Aussie Rules football, on my own terms, in the years since members of the first 18 at high school threw me around at lunch time and generally kicked sand in my face. Nowadays, I’ve really come to enjoy observing the strategies these boofheads use in out-flanking and out-running their opposition (though seldom out-thinking) and generally belting the carpet out of each other from the comfort of my own couch.

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