Which are the best Australian political blogs?

Since I was asked, where are the good Australian political blogs?

During Australia’s federal election in 2007, for me Possum’s Pollytics was invaluable for its analysis of opinion polls, as was Peter Brent’s Mumble. Larvatus Prodeo provided interesting commentary from a centre-left perspective. I didn’t get into any of the right-wing commentators, because once Howard’s End became inevitable they became more shrill, even less rational.

However the election overloaded me. I prefer to read essays and analysis with a longer timeframe, not the daily news focus on political mud-throwing.

What, for you, are the best Australian political blogs, and why?

[Update 10 January 2012: Minor edit to remove the identity of who asked the question.]

4 Replies to “Which are the best Australian political blogs?”

  1. Not in order of preference, but here’s the list of Australian political blogs I read:

    ABC: Election07
    Adam Bandt
    Ambit Gambit
    An Onymous Lefty
    Andrew Leigh
    Antony Green’s Election Blog
    Australia Watch
    Australian Indigenous HealthBulletin
    Australian Politics 2.0
    Bartlett’s Blog
    Binnsy’s Hovel
    The Blair/Bolt Watch Project
    Burning Words
    Centre for Policy Development
    Christian Kerr
    Connect Through Values
    Counteract Now
    The Dead Roo
    Election ’07 Norg
    Fair News Australia
    Five Public Opinions
    Gallery Hacks
    Guy Beres
    Harry Clarke
    Henry Thornton Blogs
    Hoyden About Town
    Jennifer Marohasy
    John Quiggin
    Kevin Rudd Watch
    Larvatus Prodeo
    Larvatus Prodeo in exile
    Laurel Papworth
    Listen To Your Elders
    Long Road
    Machine Gun Keyboard
    Miss Politics
    The Monthly Free Articles
    My Big World Of Crap
    Not a Hedgehog
    On Line Opinion
    Open Forum blogs
    OpenAustralia News
    The Orstrahyun
    Oz Conservative
    Oz Politics
    Parl Lib Publications
    The Partisan
    Pavlov’s Cat
    Peter Black’s Freedom to Differ
    Peter Martin
    Phillip Adams
    The Piping Shrike
    Politics General News of World
    The Poll Vault
    The Possum Box
    Possums Pollytics
    Power of Information Task Force
    Public Opinion
    Public Polity
    Random Brainwave
    Red Rag
    The Road to Surfdom
    Samuel’s Blog
    Suki Has An Opinion
    This Devil’s Workday
    Tree of Knowledge
    Undead Files
    The Wright Stuff

  2. Some may seem this as a shameless act of self promotion. I do. But if you’re in search of a left leaning blog, that’s political, whimsical, inane and rambling, give this a go. Also, the above comment makes little sense.

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