Episode 26 tonight!

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Oops, I almost forgot! Stilgherrian Live is on again tonight from 9.30pm Sydney time. That means I need nominations for “Cnut of the Week”.

It’s the same rules as usual. We’re after people who’ve been in the news this week, futilely trying to hold back the tide of digital change.

Maybe journalist Mark Day is a contender for regurgitating the journalists versus bloggers “debate” in The Australian today with Blogs can’t match probing reports. No, Mark, they can’t, no more than cheese on toast can “match” an 11-course degustation menu. “A does not equal B” is hardly an insight.

But who do you nominate?

P.S. I may be “on air” slightly late, as ’Pong and I are going to the launch of the Marrickville Contemporary Art Prize exhibition. We’ve been told that we should be there, so it sounds like he’s won something.

5 Replies to “Episode 26 tonight!”

  1. Stephen Hawking, for making a £50 bet that the LHC wouldn’t work. He’s probably annoyed that he wasn’t allowed to help build the thing…

  2. The 5-9,000 physicists who built LHC … for not asking the people of Earth for approval before carrying out a potentially devestating scientific experiement 🙂

  3. Thanks for the suggestions, folks. I’m currently very rapidly preparing the program which is going to go to air late ‘cos I was doing other things earlier this evening. I reckon 2200 to 2230 Sydney time is the likely start time.

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