So many Cnuts to choose from!

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Nominations are now open for “Cnut of the Week”. Who do you think is futilely resisting the tide of change? I’ll select the shortlist at 8.30pm Sydney time, and you can vote during tonight’s Stilgherrian Live at 9.30pm.

Senator Stephen Conroy has been the clear winner for the last three episodes thanks to his persistence with the government’s Internet censorship plans. Some have suggested we just make him “Cnut for Life” and open the field to other contenders. What do you think?

We already have a pre-nomination of the bloke who tried to convince his wife that his iPhone accidentally emailed naked photos to another woman. Yeah, sure mate.

Who do you nominate, and why?

8 Replies to “So many Cnuts to choose from!”

  1. Clive Hamilton.

    Because 5 year-olds are into necrophilia thanks to extreme moral-relativist civil libertarians who don’t want to censor the net and protect them.

  2. Not really up to Senator “I’m Tempted By Small Children So I Bet You Are Too” Conroy’s Cnut-For-Life status, but what the heck: I nominate whichever moron decided that passwords on the Ustream site had to be only letters and numbers, and incidentally that they should be mailed back to you in plaintext. Didn’t the Great Reddit Stolen Laptop Debacle of 2007 teach them anything? Two rules for passwords: #1 Anything the user wants is legal, and #2 You never store passwords in plaintext. Evidently they broke #1 because they’re passing passwords around in GET queries or some other stupid way, or they don’t know how to sanitise data for storage. I wonder if little Bobby Tables knows about them…?

  3. Germaine Greer for her nasty comment about Michelle Obama’s dress. She (Gremaine) has just lost it. She used to stand for something and now all she is is spiteful.

  4. I nominate The Age… for posting the Greer story in the first place… seriously we should be talking about important things not what someone thinks of some one else’s dress

  5. but the late contender for the day has to be The Australian film and television industry for suing iinet (and not Bigpond!) for torrent traffic….

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