6 Replies to “I don’t trust this seagull”

  1. Work near there, and I’m sure I’ve seen him loitering around a few times.

  2. @hicky: What aspects of this seagull engender trustworthiness? Trust has to be earned. Speaking of which, I’ll leave your comment stand even though you didn’t leave a valid email address.

    Better to be weird than a sheep, I guess.

  3. I suspect that Douglas Adams may have only stumbled on half of the truth – Earth is indeed a giant computer, but mice as the supreme controllers? Puh-leeze. The lack of flying ability clearly rules them out. Seagulls, on the other hand, are able to hang around anywhere; their constant scrambling for loose chips and other general snooping & loitering a clever cover for their supervision of this complicated experiment…

    This unexpected snap-shot reveals their true purpose, and now makes you a marked man. I strongly advise you to lie low, before it’s too late!

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