Gonzo Liveblog 2: Last Sunday before Christmas

I’m caving in to pressure. Following the success of my first experiment, Gonzo Twitter 1: Saturday Evening in Newtown, at 6.30pm or thereabouts I will liveblog from King Street, Newtown, or wherever the mood takes me on this fine Sunday evening.

Wow, that’s in just a few minutes! [Update 22 December: No, it was last night. But you can still see what happened in the CoveritLive tool immediately below the fold. The timestamps seem to be an hour early though.]

If you don’t see the CoveritLive thingy immediately above this sentence, you’re not using a compatible browser. That’s not my problem.

I’ll be watching Twitter for commentary, and may or may not respond to comments coming into the liveblog.

4 Replies to “Gonzo Liveblog 2: Last Sunday before Christmas”

  1. I think the audience interaction disrupted the flow of your writing. Oh, and the lack of snark inspiring material (a gazillion lesbians and not much else aside)

  2. @Snarky Platypus: Absolutely. I had a lot of trouble getting into the observe-and-write flow when people came to talk to me — Dave the Happy Singer and his friends, ’Pong, others. And yes, I felt the need to read what people were saying in the online comments and respond. A dinner break doesn’t work either.

    Still, that’s what experiments are all about…

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