Weekly Wrap 459: Destroyed by a cold, but still a few cybers

My fortnight from Monday 4 to Sunday 17 March 2019 was a difficult one. The terrorism at the mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, which ended the week didn’t help. No one needs that in their world, least of all the victims of course. I won’t dwell on that here. That’s not because I have nothing to say. It’s because I have too much to say.

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Weekly Wrap 414: Spooks, a cat, and planning for Brisbane

The Eye of GathgywnMy week of Monday 30 April to Sunday 6 May 2018 contained these things, in addition to fighting off a cold.



  • “Announcing ‘The 9pm Brisbane Forum’”, being an audio promo for the Pozible campaign of the same name. You can also listen to it on Speaker or SoundCloud. Do please consider pledging your support if you want the podcasts listed below to happen.

Media Appearances, Corporate Largesse


The Week Ahead

The next few weeks continue to see me based in Ashfield, Sydney, working through the Crikey project, and writing for ZDNet much as usual. I hope to get some walking in, however, and I might post some stuff about the places I visit, including photos.

The next episode of The 9pm Edict, will be recorded and streamed live this Thursday 10 next Tuesday 15 May at 2100 AEST.

Further Ahead

Other things I’ve pencilled in:

Update 8 May 2018: Edited to reflect change in podcast recording date.

[Photo: The Eye of Gathgwyn, the cat I’m currently cat-sitting in Ashfield, Sydney, photographed on 5 May 2018.]

Weekly Wrap 316: Coughing as the Solstice approaches

Sydney, five minutes before dawn: click to embiggenMy week Monday 13 to Sunday 19 June 2016 was miserable. Why? Was it a cold? Was is a throat infection? Was it a gut infection? Was it all these things? Who can say?

I got nothing done, apart from some excellent lying in bed coughing. I do not recommend this as a way of life.

Media Appearances

Podcasts, Articles, and Corporate Largesse

None. For obvious reasons.

The Week Ahead

On Monday, I’ll be producing an episode of The 9pm Edict podcast, and then celebrating in a private ceremony the Winter Solstice and the Full Moon. This will continue into Tuesday, because the Solstice itself is actually at 0834 AEST, well after the 0700 AEST sunrise.

The remainder of the week will see me in Sydney, working on the seemingly-endless tax compliance work, as well as the much-delayed geek-for-hire work. That’s enough for now, right?

[Photo: Sydney, five minutes before dawn, being the view of the Sydney CBD on 11 June 2016.]

Weekly Wrap 314: Cold and wet and more wet, and wet

Crossing Anzac Bridge: click to embiggenMy week Monday 30 May to Sunday 5 June 2016 was disrupted by a cold or somesuch — perhaps caught at AusCERT 2016, perhaps just the change-of-season illness that seems to have spread down the entire east coast of Australia — and then by Sydney’s massive rainstorms of 4–5 June.

I’m therefore well behind schedule, so I’ll keep this brief.


  • “The 9pm Edict Public House Forum 3” was recorded on Saturday, and the final version will be produced and posted on Wednesday 8 June.


None. I’ve got tons of recorded interviews, however, so I’ll be sorting them out soon enough.

Media Appearances

Corporate Largesse


The Week Ahead

I should be in Sydney for the whole week once again. With few specific appointments locked in so far, I’ll be working at my own pace through the neverending tax bookkeeping, the geek-for-hire projects which are way behind schedule, and some writing for ZDNet. In roughly that order.

There are three fixed commitments, however.

  • On Monday through Wednesday, I’ll edit, mix and post The 9pm Edict Public House Forum 3.
  • On Wednesday afternoon, I’m recording a radio spot which will be broadcast on ABC Radio’s digital streams on Saturday afternoon. Check my Twitter feed on the day for the exact time.
  • On Wednesday evening, I’m doing a radio spot on ABC 774 Melbourne at 1930 AEST.

The weekend is unplanned, and it’s the long weekend for the Queen’s Birthday.

[Update 8 June 2016: Edited to reflect some schedule changes. Update 11 June 2016: Edited to add the Tweet of the Day item.]

[Photo: Crossing Anzac Bridge, photographed on 4 June 2016 during Sydney’s massive two-day rainstorm.]