Weekly Wrap 409: Four cities, surveillance, and podcasts

Dawn over QueenslandThis is yet another Fortnightly Wrap, covering Monday 19 March to Sunday 1 April 2018, and it was dominated by domestic travel, nostalgia, and soju.


  • “The 9pm Public House Forum 6 / Hometown Forum”, being The 9pm Edict episode 75, was recorded and streamed live from Adelaide on Saturday 24 March. It’s also on SoundCloud and Speaker.
  • I also recorded a bonus extra podcast with Dr Alice Gorman, a space archaeologist at Flinders University. That episode will be posted by the end of the coming week.


Media Appearances

  • On Monday 26 March, I spoke about the continuing Facebook / Cambridge Analytica debacle on ABC Adelaide.

Corporate Largesse

  • This doesn’t really count as largesse, because it was work, but my recent road trip — more accurate a flying trip — to Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Sydney was for tech distributor Alloys, who were introducing their customers to products from Chinese video surveillance hardware manufacturer Zhejiang Uniview Technologies Co Ltd. I didn’t do anything sales-related. I gave a 20-minute presentation on the future of video surveillance in the age of artificial intelligence. That said, at the end of the project, Uniview shouted me a soju-sodden meal at Myeongdong Korean Restaurant in North Strathfield. I seem to recall that it was very good.

The Week Ahead

It’s Easter Monday, but I’m still doing work, such as writing this for you.

Tuesday through Friday will be dominated by two things. One, I’m series editor on a new investigative journalism project for Crikey, which I’ll tell you about in due course. And two, I’ve got a queue of stuff to write for ZDNet. Those two threads of work will be woven around the need to be in Sydney on Wednesday for medical and other appointments, and finishing that production on that extra podcast.

The weekend is unplanned.

Further Ahead

The only definite commitments are a couple of cybersecurity conferences.

[Photo: Dawn over Queensland. The view from Virgin Australia flight VA1384 from BNE to ADL, somewhere over Queensland, on 22 March 2018.]

Weekly Wrap 388: Laksa, laziness, and lovely conversations

Chicken LaksaMy week of Monday 30 October to Sunday 5 November 2017 was a curious one. Two days represented a great surge forward, then the third I slept the entire day. What is going on?

In case you haven’t noticed, I seem to operate on a cycle of busy weeks interspersed with quieter weeks, at least as it might seem from the outside. This was obviously a quiet week, both for health reasons and because I was collecting some material for future writing — including a wonderful conversation about cyber diplomacy.

Still, that was one of the biggest random waves of energy levels. I think I know why, and it’s a good thing, but here is not the place.

Articles, Podcasts, Corporate Largesse


Media Appearances

After a long gap I’ve finally posted the audio from a couple of my radio spots. Just follow the links.

The Week Ahead

On Monday, I’m writing for ZDNet, then reviewing the story pitches for the next issue of DirectorTech. On Tuesday, I’m writing another thing for ZDNet.

DirectorTech is that sort-of SEKRIT editorial project I was working on over recent months. The first issue of the subscription-only newsletter was emailed on 15 September. The next will be on 28 November. It’s aimed at the corporate market, but it’s possible we’ll have some other subscription options by then.

On Wednesday, I’m putting together my next crowdfunding campaign, for The 9pm Edict Summer Series, which will probably be announced on Thursday. It’s more than a year since my last concentrated ask-for-money burst, and the gods know my budget needs some input. There’s been changes in the crowdfunding landscape since then, though, so this campaign may work slightly differently from previous ones. The details should be announced on Thursday night.

The week will end with some more writing on Friday.

Remembrance Day is on Saturday, though I haven’t decided how I’ll commemorate the occasion this year.

Further Ahead

The next episode of The 9pm Edict podcast will be recorded on Thursday 23 November at 2100 AEST. As has become traditional, it will be streamed live via stilgherrian.com/edict/live/.

You can help support this podcast with a one-off contribution. Any contributions made until 2130 AEDT during the recording will count towards The 9pm Edict Summer Series, and will earn whatever the rewards end up being. You’ll be able to up your contribution to meet that pricing. Stay tuned for the details.

If all goes well, there’ll be another episode of The 9pm Edict before the end of the year, plus another Public House Forum episode much like the last one.

Much of the next few weeks will be about writing, and then making podcasts over summer. I haven’t locked in anything else specific for the rest of the calendar year. Please feel free to make some suggestions.

[Photo: Chicken Laksa being lunch at the MaMa Laksa House in The Grace Hotel, Sydney, photographed on 1 November 2017.]