Lolcat Challenge

Photograph of cat Apollo rolling on the ground

Snarky Platypus, turn away now! This is a lolcat challenge for Nick Hodge. Nick, how quickly can you turn this image into a lolcat?

(Yeah, I know this is silly. But Nick, despite working for Microsoft, is a cool guy. He even sold me my first Mac back in 1985, he’s that much of a geek. We were chatting about lolcats in Perth, and I thought a challenge would be cool.)

[Update 5.20am: Nick has already created the image, see the comments! Anyone else want to have a go?]

Oops, I missed the Lolcats!

The original Lolcat image: I can has Cheezburger?

OK, I’m obviously so over-committed that I’m now officially Out Of Touch. I didn’t know what a “lolcat” was until I stumbled across this article.

At the risk of completely ruining my credibility as someone who’s supposed to Know Stuff About Teh Intertubes by summarising something that’s already been reported in the mainstream media — which means the Sydney Morning Herald‘s “Stay In Touch” column will run it next week — here’s the skinny…

Eric Nakagawa was “between jobs” in January when he found the picture at right. On a whim he and a mate created a website around it, I Can Has Cheezburger. Six month later, they’re getting 500 new submissions and 200,000 unique visitors every day.

Mr Nakagawa doesn’t need that day job any more.

Read the Wall Street Journal article explaining the history of the lolcat, and Anil Dash’s fantastic essay on the linguistic aspects, Cats Can Has Grammar.