Excellent. The Bible (you may have heard of it?) is being translated into LOLcat.

1. In teh beginnin Ceiling Cat was invisible, and he maded the skiez and da earths, but he did not eated it.

2. The earths wus witout shapez and wus dark and scary and stuffs, and he rode invisible bike over teh waterz.

3. And Ceiling Cat sayz, i can has light? and teh light wuz.

The New Testament is there too. The Gospel According to John was always my first choice:

1. In teh beginz is teh werd, and teh werd iz liek “Oh hai Ceiling Cat” and teh werd eated teh Ceiling Cat.

2. In teh beginz teh werd an teh Ceiling Cat iz teh bests frenz.

3. Him maeks alls teh cookies; no cookies iz maed wifout him.

4. Him haz teh liefs, an becuz ov teh liefs teh doodz sez “Oh hay lite.”

5. Teh lite iz pwns teh darks, but teh darks iz liek “Wtf.”

6. And teh Ceiling Cat haz dis otehr man; his naem iz John.

7. He tellz teh ppl dat teh lites is tehre, so dat teh doodz sez “OMG.”

It’s a Wiki, so feel free to improve it. Thanks to Boing Boing for the pointer.

Now, LOLKoran, anyone…? 😉

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