Lolcat Challenge

Photograph of cat Apollo rolling on the ground

Snarky Platypus, turn away now! This is a lolcat challenge for Nick Hodge. Nick, how quickly can you turn this image into a lolcat?

(Yeah, I know this is silly. But Nick, despite working for Microsoft, is a cool guy. He even sold me my first Mac back in 1985, he’s that much of a geek. We were chatting about lolcats in Perth, and I thought a challenge would be cool.)

[Update 5.20am: Nick has already created the image, see the comments! Anyone else want to have a go?]

2 Replies to “Lolcat Challenge”

  1. @Nick Hodge: Oh that’s worth pulling into the page directly! Not bad indeed for this hour.

    A response to my Lolcat Challenge by Nick Hodge

    I also notice that the times are in standard time not summer time, oh well.

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