Appearing on LBC 97.3 London tomorrow

In what will be my first “proper” radio gig for ages, I’m joining UK conservative political commentator Iain Dale for the last hour of his evening program tomorrow on LBC 97.3, London’s Biggest Conversation.

That’s Wednesday 9pm London time, or 6am Thursday Sydney time.

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll know that I recently spoke with Iain about politics, Twitter, radio and authenticity, and we were both on stage for the Microsoft Politics & Technology Forum.

Iain has stayed on in Australia, and this week is doing his regular evening program on LBC from the 2DayFM studios in Sydney. I’ll be with him for that last hour of the program, talking about only the gods know what.

You can listen live via that internet thing.

As preparation, you might want to read Iain’s diary posts for his Australian visit so far, week 1 and week 2.

[Update: Along with my good self you’ll also be hearing from The Australian’s Chris Kenny and Arthur Sinodinos, who was Prime Minister John Howard’s chief of staff. Fark am I outclassed.]

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A train ride to London

John Naughton’s diary Memex 1.1 is one of my must-read blogs. While I usually point to his essays, today I find his delightful, personal post about an early-morning train journey into London. A taste: “Park car and wait for idiotic meter to dispense ticket while making loud buzzing noises after swallowing coins to the value of the Gross National Product of Ecuador. Join throng of furtive, hurrying figures, coat-collars turned up against the biting East Anglian wind. I have entered, albeit temporarily, the world of The Commuter.”

Winter Solstice Name Day 25

Photograph of Stilgherrian, taken March 1981 “Oh, no mate, I wasn’t Stilgherrian until after that was taken. For my student card, so that’d be… March, maybe February. Stilgherrian wasn’t until Winter Solstice…”

25 years ago today!

Daggy photo, eh? Am I scared or was I trying for cool and moody, somehow? Scared, I reckon. I was too nerdy to even know how to look moody, let alone actually achieve a significant level of floppy-haired angst. Now Stephen… now he pulls that off so well. But then he lives in Melbourne, it’s “of the place”.

Sydney doesn’t have the sandstone Victorian for a fully grey, Londonesque, Londonangstridden pout, 30% eye shadow and 70% the precisely-edited slow-motion curl of a designer black trench coat. Not with any genuine sense of ennui, anyway.

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